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3 steps to access restricted websites | Carpe Techno

3 steps to access restricted websites | Carpe Techno: "3 steps to access restricted websites

3 Steps to access restricted websitesThere are many ways to access restricted web sites, such as using google’s translation service (we talked about this earlier in the forum) or using various software to bypass the restrictions. One easy way to accomplish our task is to use web-based proxy services. Throughout this article we’ll talk about these proxy services, how they work and where to find them.

1. What are web-based proxy services and how to use them?

Web proxies, are scripts generally written in CGI or PHP that let you browse restricted websites making the firewall think you’re browsing the site where the script is hosted. This kind of proxy is very easy to use since you don’t need to configure your browser or tweak anything for it to work. All you have to do is enter the site’s address and then check a few checkboxes to define the anonymity level (allowing cookies, encrypt the site’s address, remove client-side scripting i.e. Javascript, hide referrer, strip website title, etc) voila!

2. How do they work?

Basically the script remotely fetches the pages and then displays them for you (for PHP: using the cURL library). The only IP address shown will be the server’s IP address. It also filters potentially maliciou"

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